Download VirtualXposed Latest Versions

Download VirtualXposed apk most recent versions from the below given links. It has been optimized a lot with its recent releases. Customize your android device as you prefer with mods, wallpapers, custom icons, and a lot more. With the latest version of VirtualXposed, you can install Google Play Services on it with the help of MicroG project. Also, you will find the Yalp store after you install MicroG on VirtualXposed.

This tool creates a virtual space where users can execute the APK of any applications as a plugin. These plugins will permit to do changes in the Operating System and the applications which have been a clone. So, this leads to free ads, access to download YouTube, provide access to easy manipulation to chat messages, track GPS locations, and many more functionalities.

Version Information

  • Tool Name : VirtualXposed
  • Platform Supported : Android 5.0 to 10.0
  • Developer : Weishu
  • Version : V0.20.3
  • Size : 7.5MB
  • Downloads : 1 Million+

Why Download VirtualXposed

  • User does not require to grant root access.
  • Able to unlock bootloader and customizing the image of the system.
  • Implement a virtual space that provides the ability to execute the applications as plugins.
  • Reinstallation of the app is not necessary from other sources in the virtual environment once gets updates. Users can get direct updates from the Yalp store.
  • Open-source application and free of charge.
  • User-friendly interface with easy navigation.
  • Ads will not be displayed.

Version File
Version 0.20.3 Download- Latest
Version 0.20.2 Download
Version 0.19.0 Download
Version 0.18.0 Download
Version 0.17.3 Download
Version 0.18.0 (arm + x86) (Android 5.0+) Download
Version 0.17.3 (arm + x86) (Android 5.0+) Download

Changelogs of VirtualXposed APK


  • Support splits apk
  • Compatible with 64bit app
  • Has been resolved gms
  • Has been resolved IO redirect
  • Has been resovled slight errors


  • Fixed errors with Google service incompatibility with VirtualXposed
  • Fixed issues in certain application errors when launching
  • Fixed errors related to launcher detection right entry activities
  • Has been provided a hook for Android Q
  • Fixed issues of broken fake signature which is compatible above Android Pie


  • Has been deleted unused libraries
  • Has been remove signature check
  • Access import fdroid flavor
  • Has been fixed minor bugs


  • Access for for TaiChai(basically for multi-applications)
  • Has been resolved troublesome alert for TaiChi
  • Has been removed the settings and preferences after Xposed disabled


  • Has been released new changes in UI
  • Has been improved performance for icon loading
  • Has been introduced new enhancement in build tools: build-tools,ndk,gradle etc

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